Chinese American Hematologist and Oncologist Network

                             Celebrating 10 years


CAHON's Executive Team, 2016-2017

A core governing body of elected and appointed CAHON officers in the Strategic Committee (President, Immediate-past President, President-elect, vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) plus Directors of CAHON Standing Committees listed below.

Immediate Past Leadership:

Chair of Board: Wengru Song, MD, Ph.D

President: Jingzhou Hou, MD, Ph.D


Current Leadership:

Chair of Board: Weijing Sun, MD, Ph.D

President: Zihai Li, MD, Ph.D
Vice-President: Lei Zheng, MD, Ph.D
Treasurer:  Richard Xu, MD, Ph.D

Subcommittee Chair/Co-Chair:

Finance Committee: Ruirong Yuan, MD, Ph.D.(VA New Jersey Health Care), E Mail:; Jiping Wang, MD, Ph.D. (Brigham and Women's Hospital),

Industry Committee: Steve Chin, M.D. (University of Arizona School of Medicine), E-mail:;Sen-hong (Sen) Zhuang, M.D. (Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences), Ph.D. (University of Miami School of Medicine), E-mail:

Academic Affairs Committee: Wei Ding, M.D. (Beijing Medical University), Ph.D. (Ohio State University), E-mail:;Siwen Hu-Lieskovan, M.D. (China Medical University), Ph.D. (University of Southern California),  E-mail:

Public Relation Committee: Ke Liu, M.D. (Henan Medical University), Ph.D. (Cornell University), E-mail:; Qiwei (Bill) Gai, M.D. (Shan Dong Medical University), Ph.D. (Ohio University),  E-mail:

Events & Education Committee: Yiwu Huang, M.D. (Fujian Medical University), Ph.D. (Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences), E-mail:;Xinsheng (Michael) Liao, M.D. (West China Univ. of Medical Sciences), Ph.D. (University of Texas Southwestern Med. Center), E-mail:

Membership Committee: Yuxia Jia, M.D. (Shanghai Medical University), Ph.D. (Tohoku University, Sendai Japan),  E-mail:; Hong Zheng, M.D. (Capital Medical University), Ph.D. (University of Connecticut School of Medicine),  E-mail:

Publication Committee: Huiguo (Edward) Lin, M.D. (China Medical University), E-mail:;Bo Lu, M.D. (Shanghai/Fudan Medical University), Ph.D. (Baylor School of Medicine), E-mail:

Clinical Affairs Committee: Peihua (Peggy) Lu, M.D. (Peking University Medical School),  E-mail:; Mei Tang, M.D. (Shanghai Medical University),  E-mail:

Mentorship Committee: Chong-Xian Pan, M.D. (Shanghai/Fudan Medical University), Ph.D. (Loyola University Chicago Medical Center), M.S. (University of California Davis School of Medicine), E-mail:;Yiping Yang, M.D. (Zhejiang Medical University), Ph.D. (University of Michigan),  E-mail:

Treasurer: Licheng (Richard) Xu, M.D. (Anhui Medical University), Ph.D. (Dartmouth College), E-mail:

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